Stephan James credits Julia Roberts for the immense success of his recent show Homecoming

Homecoming stars Stephan James and Julia Roberts in an American psychological thriller web series.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: May 22, 2020 21:15 IST
Stephan James credits Julia Roberts for the immense success of his recent show Homecoming

Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming has impacted fans worldwide and immediately caught the attention of many after its first season. The show stars famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Many fans have credited the show's popularity to Roberts' inclusion in the show.

Actor Sephan James also stars in Homecoming as one of its leads. The actor recently revealed that he also agrees with a fan theory about Roberts. He said, "I mean, any time you're in a show with a pretty and talented woman like Julia Roberts, you know that people are going like it. So, I definitely knew that people were going to watch the show."
"But honestly, I have to say, I was probably pretty much blown away by the response. It's simply overwhelming in terms of the people who have come up to me and, and said that the show really hit home for them which was really cool. The best thing is that fans of all different types of genres, be it a drama or, sci-fi, really grounded sci-fi, ended up liking the show," he added.
Julia Roberts has starred in many big-budget Hollywood films including Ocean's Eleven and Wonder. Stephan James has starred in the 2019 film 21 Bridges. Homecoming also stars actress Janelle Monae who stars as Jackie. The show follows her story as she finds herself stranded in a boat with no memories of her past.
Meanwhile, James plays the role of Walter Cruz. Cruz is seen trying to build a new life for himself in American society after returning from war and dealing with postwar issues. The second season of Homecoming dropped on Amazon Prime Video on May 22.