Superstar Rajinikanth's fan opens mess on his birthday

Superstar Rajinikanth celebrated his 69th birthday today and his fan opened up a new mess in Chennai.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: December 13, 2019 12:23 IST
Superstar Rajinikanth's fan opens mess on his birthday

Rajinikanth’s 69th birthday was not about grand celebrations. His ardent fans were also involved in community service by organizing blood donations drives, wheelchair donations, pujas and clean up drives. In short, they listened to what Rajinikanth told them at the audio launch of Darbar.
A diehard Rajinikanth fan started a mess for people where they can buy healthy food at affordable prices. The mess named Uzhaipali Unagagam is located in Manapakkam in Chennai. The mess is named after one of Rajinikanth’s movies (Uzhaipali).
The owner of the mess Dr. K Veerababu aims at giving healthy food to the struggling Uzhaipalis (hard worker in Tamil). "I want to introduce herbal food to poor people. If we consume herbs daily, it helps us lead a healthy life,’’ said Dr. Veerababu.
Dr. Veerababu and other fans of Rajinikanth also voiced out their support to Thalaivar in politics. "Superstar is coming to politics and that is why I opened this mess. He is a good person. If he comes to politics everything will change,’’ said the owner.