Sushant suffered from bipolar disorder: Susan Walker

The therapist of the actor revealed that Rhea helped him cope with it and added that the disorder would have made him take the grave step.
Written By Bhavana Sharma | Updated: August 02, 2020 15:44 IST
Sushant suffered from bipolar disorder: Susan Walker

Sushant Singh Rajput has died by suicide. This is what all know. But many of his friends, family, well-wishers, and even journalists believe that there are a lot of things hidden behind this death.

There were initial reports that suggested that Sushant had been suffering from depression for a while. But in an interview with a media channel.
The late actor’s therapist Susan Walker revealed that he was suffering from depression and hypomania which is a symptom of bipolar disorder as well. It is said that the disorder might have led him to take this grave step.
Barkha Dutt has shared an IGTV post on her Instagram account, wherein the late actor's therapist Susan Walker opens up about the actor.
Sushant was suffering terribly during this stage said the therapist. She said, “I met Sushant and Rhea on several occasions in November and December 2019 and communicated again with Rhea in June of this year. He was suffering from bipolar disorder, a severe mental illness that can be crippling for an individual during an episode.”
She further added, “He had all the symptoms of which can include severe anxiety, major depression and sometimes disordered thinking and paranoia. The continuing, appalling stigma around mental illness makes it very difficult for patients and their families to reach out. This has to stop. Mental illness is no different than cancer or diabetes.”
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Susan Walker Moffat, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, based in Mumbai has issued a statement to me and through a first person audio recording on her former patient, actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Though typically a doctor would not speak about a patient. Ms Walker reached out to me to say that that the media coverage on TV news and on social media had dismayed her enough for her to go public. Infact she said the misinformation made it her "duty". In her statement to us, she says Sushant Singh Rajput suffered from Bipolar Disorder and it was his then partner Rhea, who gave him the courage to seek help. More details in the report

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