Taapsee asks people to stop using crackers

Successful Heroine Taapsee Pannu is going against the celebration of Diwali with firecrackers and appeals the same to her fans and followers
Taapsee asks people to stop using crackers

From the recent past, people are opposing the use of crackers on Diwali and actress Taapsee is one of them. The actress is celebrating this Diwali in Mumbai wither her family members in the newly bought flat. Speaking in a recent interview, Taapsee explained why she is repulsive to the idea of using crackers during Diwali.

Long back, on Diwali, when Taapsee lit up the flame on the stove at her home, the flame turned fully orange instead of blue. When she asked her father for the reason, he said that the high amount of Carbon dioxide in the air is causing the flame to turn orange which is dangerous. Since then, Taapsee stopped using crackers.
Instead, she and her sister Shagun spend at least two hours in making Rangoli at the festival. Taapsee also paints the diyas herself on every Diwali. This year, she wants to celebrate the festival with her parents in the new flat and make them watch her upcoming film, Saand Ki Aankh.