Take on Akhil Akkineni’s Career and Nepotism

Written By Benny Muppaneni | Updated: February 19, 2019 13:00 IST
Take on Akhil Akkineni’s Career and Nepotism

Akhil Akkineni the most hyped Scion of the Akkineni clan has been trying to impress us with his last few films. Although his debut film Akhil was a debacle at the box-office, his next two movies Hello and Mr. Majnu are decent love stories which received better appreciation and are supposed to perform better than their final bitter results and numbers. So I feel this is a very peculiar state or situation which Akhil is in because he is talented and has been improving with each film and getting better too with his choice of scripts and still his movies are underperforming. Though he is still young he has to make sure he corrects a few unnoticeable things before it’s too late.
To start off with, the first big challenge which goes unnoticed is those who easily and comfortably accuse others of nepotism can’t understand the underlying challenges they too face. Agreed the stars from the respectable families are bound to get chances initially irrespective of their looks and acting skills but, this doesn’t guarantee them a decade long career and forever future. There are many examples where few have proven us wrong and have gone on to become matinee idols while a few others have been struggling to prove themselves and sustain in this world of cinema. Any hero from a reputed family has an expectation to entertain us and outperform his competitors. This expectation baggage makes their work even more challenging compared to newcomers because of all the mental pressure they go through. Existing age-old complaint about newcomers being denied opportunities is true only to an extent because Art although is a creative form it does include commercial aspects which are viable mostly with star heroes on-board but yes, we all have witnessed many heroes with no background who rose to ultimate stardom with sheer talent, grit and unrelenting determination and proved us wrong. An element of luck plays its part in an individual’s life irrespective of all the professions. It’s all about being at the right place in the right time is my motto which I strongly believe in. So It’s simple any individual has to prove, improve and has to keep on reinventing himself to sustain in this world of cinema.
I always felt the plug which Akhil has been missing is THE AUDIENCE ACCEPTANCE. Yes, he’s a star’s son, he’s handsome but that doesn’t guarantee him our approval. He needs to back himself and do scripts which either suit his age, which is strong on content or with the boy next door characterizations which provide him scope for performance and in turn help him stay connected to the audience because irrespective of fanism, all the fans are audience first. Once he gets that acceptance all he needs is one striking good script to switch between genres, romantic to commercial subjects and mainly from the boyish image. Just ONE good script post audience acceptance, follow it up with a couple of entertainers and build it up from there is what every proven star has taught us. He needs a director who can fine-tune his mannerisms, body language and redefine him with a potential Story. An underlying fact is one’s off-screen image too accounts for his acceptance. Yes, the expectations skyrocketed after his dashing entry in Manam which is a very positive thing because people have loved him for his stunning screen presence and want him to perform. I am pretty confident Akhil is gonna turn the tide very sooner.
Also, I would like to add there’s nothing wrong in nepotism as long as people prove themselves but those who don’t prove or improve need to make way for others. There’s nothing wrong in LEGACY. It’s just as simple as how one takes up their family business. Our love for our actors and undying passion for cinema made me write this article. As a well-wisher of AKHIL AKKINENI would like to wish him all the Luck for his future endeavors.