Telangana Bengali Film Festival: Morning session films on Sunday

These films will get screened in the morning session of day one at Telangana Bengali Film Festival 2019 and movie buffs can't miss them.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: December 08, 2019 09:10 IST
Telangana Bengali Film Festival: Morning session films on Sunday

Hyderabad Bangalee Samity has been organizing various social-cultural events of the Bengali community, in the city for many years now. Now, the organizers of the committee are hosting a three day Bengali Film Festival in Hyderabad. They named the festival as, "Telangana Bengali Film Festival AAYNA 2019."

Eight films under two sections, popular and retrospective, are getting screened over the span of these three days. All the films are being showcased in Prasads Labs. The festival kickstarts today, with the screening of two films, Mitin Mashi and Samsaara.
Both the screenings will start today at 10 am in the morning, in two different auditoriums. Mitin Mashi is a 2019 Bengali detective film starring Arindam Sil. The film bases on the story Hate Matro Tintey Din, written by the novelist Suchitra Bhattacharya. Koel Mallick and Vinay Pathak played the lead roles in it. It is one of the critically acclaimed Bengali films of this year.
Samsaara, on the other side, is a drama that deals with the harsh realities of life and death. It showcases the karma of life without any gory elements. Directed by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, Samsaara features Ritwick Chakraborty, Rahul Banerjee, and Indrajit Chakraborty.