Television actress Jhansi commits suicide

By Xappie Desk, February 06, 2019 12:24 IST

Television actress Jhansi commits suicide

Television actress Naga Jhansi, popularly known as Jhansi rose to fame with her performance in Pavithra Bandam series in MAA channel. The talented actress committed suicide by hanging herself yesterday night.

It was her brother who saw Jhansi last night and called the police. Apparently, she was in love with their relative named Surya. The 21-year-old actress seemed to be upset for the past four days and decided to end her life by hanging when her brother was out.
Jhansi was a busy person as she did series and also owns a beauty parlour in Srinagar Colony. She wanted to marry and settle in life and so she had stopped acting in films.
She hails from Vadali village in Krishna district. The police are now conducting the investigation and there is strong rumour that her love affair with Surya could have costed her life. But, the police officials are yet to come to a conclusion.

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