They gave me chills and creeps: Chandini Chowdary

Telugu beauty Chandini Chowdary responded to the creeps who made derogatory comments on the rape and death of Hyderabad veterinary doctor.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: December 06, 2019 11:08 IST
They gave me chills and creeps: Chandini Chowdary

When the rape and murder of a veterinary doctor took place in Hyderabad city, a lot of people opened up and posted their grief but a few people have made unnecessary and derogatory comments. They shared videos where they asked women to carry condoms. The cops finally nabbed them and put them behind the bars.

Sharing the videos of those who allegedly posted objectionable comments on the rape and murder of Disha, Chinmayi Sripada posted, "Good lord. There are a lot of people who speak like him. They pretend to be ‘normal’. Tell you what - this guy has a US education and seemingly lives in the US. This guy will get crores in dowry and some family will get their poor daughter married to him."
Telugu heroine Chandini Chowdary came up with a post about the same. Apparently, she is so shocked to see people speaking like this.
"The way he was speaking, his expression, his eyes. THEY GAVE ME CHILLS AND CREEPS. If a guy is this vocal and openly posting such videos on social media, the day he resorts to acting is dangerously close." posted Chandini Chowdary on her social media profile.