Top 10 horror films to watch on Netflix

As yet another weekend approaches here is a list of the 10 creepiest horror films you can watch on Netflix.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: February 24, 2021 22:15 IST
Top 10 horror films to watch on Netflix

As Netflix begins releasing a new year full of films, it has also got in stock a whole new bunch of horror films for enthusiasts of the genre. Netflix has already announced at least five original horror films that will be coming to the streaming platform later this year. This includes Fear Street Trilogy, No One Gets Out Alive, There’s Somebody Inside Your House, and Things Heard and Seen. While horror fans wait enthusiastically for these films to come, here is a list of the top 10 horror films that are already available to stream on Netflix.

After the release of Bulbbul in early 2020, producer Anushka Sharma proved that Indian filmmakers are more than capable of delivering gut wrenching horror films as well. This Netflix original film stars Tripti Dimri, Paoli Dam and Avinash Tiwari in the lead roles. The film is set in pre colonial India inside the state of West Bengal. It follows the story of a child bride who grows into a powerful woman with tons of authority and power where she lives. Tripti Dimri’s Bulbbul is a one of a kind film as it drives home a feminist narrative along with an intensely scary roller coaster ride throughout the film. Avinash Tiwari also has wonderful chemistry with the film’s lead actress and it shines in key moments within the film. Bulbbul opened many horror fans’s eyes to the genre of Indian Horror films that have long been plagued by films that are more soft porn than they are true horror.
Directed by Mike Flanagan, Hush is the story of a deaf writer who must protect herself in her cabin in the woods when a murderous psychopath comes looking for her. Kate Seigel and John Gallagher Jr. are the two primary leads in this film. Hush is the perfect film to watch in the middle of the night with all lights off so you can experience what the film’s lead experiences as she fights off the criminal murderer. Hush borrows heavily from the genre of slasher films but is original in its own right and plays just the right notes to be able to hold it’s own in the genre of horror films.
The Ritual:
When a triad of friends begin their expedition atop a mountain in honour of their dead friend, the last thing they expect is a mysterious cult like community living amid the thick forests in the frozen wilderness. The ritual is a fantastic and bone chilling film that explores the themes of guilt and shame as well as tells a story that keeps the viewers spellbound. Rafe Spall, Rob James Collier and Arsher Ali are the lead stars in this film that is based on scandanavian horror stories that will give any adult man a scare of his life. In its final moments the ritual truly becomes a one of a kind film when it reveals the monster that has been terrorising and killing many people in the film.
This Sarah Paulson led film is an interesting take on horror as it explores the fundamental nature of humans and their intent on exploring things around them. Birdbox takes inspiration from films like A quiet place by placing human interaction as one of the key problems that the film pits its characters against. The film follows the story of the world in which a mysterious alien-like creature kills everyone that looks at it. To prevent this, everyone must keep blindfolds on at all times and must find a way to survive in this perilous reality.
The return of the psycho killer Micheal Myers is a thrilling and scary one. While there have been countless remakes of the original slasher film, Halloween which came out in 2018 is one of the best. It follows up on the story of the original Halloween film and begins four decades after the events of the original film. As Laurie Strode comes face to face with her stalker Micheal Myers after he escapes captivity, she must finally find a way out of the scary ordeal and save her life from this murderous maniac. The film uses an interesting story to bring life to an old franchise most people thought is dead.
His house:
His house which came out just last year is one of the highest rated horror films that is currently streaming on Netflix. With a score of 100% His House follows the story of a refugee couple as they arrive in the United Kingdom looking for asylum. After escaping the horrors of war from their native country in Sudan, the refugee couple must atone their sins and deal with the mistakes they have made in the past before they can begin a new life in the European nation. His House offers a rare glimpse into the world of refugee crisis and has some of the best cinematography ever in a horror film. It stars Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku in the lead roles.
The Babysitter:
The babysitter is the result of a film when a filmmaker brings together a fantastic cast to direct a film with an old story at its centre. It follows the story of a young teenager named Cole who is madly in love with his incredibly hot babysitter Bee. However, things take a turn for the worse when Cole finds out that Bee is a part of a satanic cult who wish to sacrifice him for their bigger goals. The babysitter is a thrilling horror film that has some humorous moments thrown in there. At its core it packs a serious punch because of its stellar cast and thrilling direction.
Directed by Gareth Evens, apostle is the creepy film that everyone who has watched it cannot stop talking about. The film stars Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, Paul Higgins in the lead roles. This British indie horror film tackles the issues of faith and folklore in a cult like village that is torn between its age old traditions and modern day love. Apostle is full of extreme gore and stories about witches and gods. The film combines elements from other horror films to bring a riveting tale of suspense and horror as it tackles its central plot of a brother trying to save his kidnapped sister.
As Above, So Below:
This 2014 film is the worst nightmare of any person who is claustrophobic and scared of creepy small places. The film follows the story of Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks), essentially Lara Croft by a different name. This tomb raider leads a group of friends and acquaintances on a mission into the Paris catacombs hoping to complete her late father’s quest to find the Holy Grail of alchemy — but they soon find themselves in a veritable Hell of collapsing walls, booby-trapped treasure, and jump scare-loving ghosts.
Gerald’s Game:
Gerlad’s game is based on a Stephen King novel of the same name and came out in 2017. The film follows the odd story of a woman tied to her own bed and hallucinating about her own memories after her lover dies due to a heart attack in the middle of an intimate act. The film explores questions of grief in intimate detail and brings home the fear of true isolation in the best way possible which makes for a captivating watch.