Trade talk: Good advance bookings for Dear Comrade

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: July 23, 2019 15:11 IST
Trade talk: Good advance bookings for Dear Comrade

Trade talk: Good advance bookings for Dear Comrade
The advance bookings for 'Dear Comrade' has once again proved the Vijay Deverakonda’s strength in attracting the youth and urban audiences. Dear comrade makers have opened the tickets booking sales much in advance and movie is already showing good pre-sales in Hyderabad and other cities in Telugu states.
Already the trend is solid in multiplexes like Prasads, AMB Cinemas, PVR chain and other multiplexes with an almost fast filling or a house full on the first day of its release. By Thursday, a day before the release we can expect huge growth with 90% shows being completely full.
Going by the early trade reports the same trend is not noticeable in mass circuits and single screens though most of them have not opened up advance bookings. With the kind of class Title, posters, trailers and songs it looks like “Dear Comrade” is made for urban audiences. Vijay Deverakonda and team also strategically promoted the movie in that sense only and conveniently ignored other section of the audience.
However, the film is all set to take a huge opening in the USA. The advance sales of the movie are very good there.
Last week release “iSmart Shankar” was a smash hit in the domestic market because of huge collections from single screens and movie exceptionally performed well in all A, B, C centres. This is not going to be the same with “Dear Comrade” though the movie will witness good openings on day one. But we can’t expect sensational openings in all areas. However, reviews and word-of-mouth will be key to this movie to sustain at the box-office.