Undiporaadhe lyricist gives a New Year surprise

The unreleased version of Undiporadhey song hits the internet and the video instantly went viral where singer Ganesh sung it in a pub.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: December 31, 2019 11:56 IST
Undiporaadhe lyricist gives a New Year surprise

One of the most popular songs in the recent past is Undiporaadhe. This track from the film Husharu became an instant hit among the millennials and is still considered as one of the most listened songs of this year. The song was composed by Radhan and Sid Sriram rendered the vocals for it. His amazing voice took it to the next level. Another thing that made the song so popular is the lyrics written by young writer Kittu Vissapragada.

His simple yet meaningful lyrics made the listeners connect to it instantly. The other day, this writer also unveiled the unreleased version of this song. Kittu was in a restaurant the other day where a band was performing Undiporaadhe. Immediately, he wrote the unused lyrics from the 'charanam' of this song and asked the band to perform it. The band rendered it beautifully. The people at the restaurant were cheering for the new lyrics of the song all along and they completely enjoyed this surprise given by Kittu.
Kittu also posted a video clip of it. Now, this unused and unheard version of Undiporaadhe is going viral on social media. The song's fans are calling it a New Year's gift presented by the lyricist.