USA Distributor's Insights on the Downfall of Telugu films collections

Since the Telugu movies are not performing to the expectations in the USA, a USA distributor Deepak Reddy posted his insights on this rough phase.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 11, 2019 13:19 IST
USA Distributor's Insights on the Downfall of Telugu films collections

For someone who follows the box-office numbers, they will understand that the USA market for Telugu films is not favorable. All of a sudden, all the movies are going through a rough phase in the USA. Deepak Reddy of Weekend Cinemas distribution house in the USA made a much-needed insight on the decline of the collections of the Telugu movies releasing in the USA in recent times. Weekend Cinemas earlier associated with films like Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, Mallesham, C/O Kancharapalem, Lakshmi's NTR and many other films.

He felt that the USA market for other languages did not change since the audiences of the other languages have always been selective in watching films. He points out that only the market for the Telugu films got damaged. As an example, he quoted that Superstar Rajnikanth film’s average market for the USA market is around 2.5M unless and until it’s a disaster. "Vijay’s market would be around 1M. With Hindi also nothing has come down, as the heroes with the good market are constantly scoring numbers," observed Deepak.
"It’s only the Telugu audience that has changed. Even average & below average Telugu films used to score 200-300K, depending on social media hype, offers, and others. Now it has become unpredictable. For small & midrange films it’s outright rejection these days which means a film that used to collect 200K before struggles to collect 20K now. There’s outright rejection by the audience based on the factors like ratings, cast, hype, promotions." said Deepak. He also adds, "Not to blame audience or the makers, but this is a rough phase."
He finds that the only solution for this is that the procedures need to be completely recycled. "The whole USA market is easily gone by 50-80% at this moment. Wish some great films are being made and this scenario changes by the trade initiatives & agreements the distributors & producers," he concludes.