Valmiki lands in Controversy

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 30, 2019 16:31 IST
Valmiki lands in Controversy

After the Blockbuster success of F2, Varun Tej is coming up with ‘Valmiki’ under the direction of Harish Shankar. Valmiki was officially launched in Hyderabad a few days back, movie makers have also released the title logo poster. The title has a gun on the top of it while a film reel below it. The Valmiki community members did not object having the reel below but raised their voice against the placing of the gun.
Sai Prasad who is the leader for Valmiki Association alleged the ‘Valmiki team’ saying that the title logo is insulting Maharshi Valmiki and the sentiments of their community. Prasad said that makers of Valmiki preferred such an auspicious title without even knowing the History. He also questioned Harish Shankar, how could he use a gun while preferring such a title? Prasad also demanded the producers of the film that they should change the title logo immediately or else they would stall the release at the theatres. Sai Prasad also added that their community have no objection using the name but the only thing that they are fighting for is to remove the gun symbol from the title logo as it insults their community. People belonging to Valmiki community had left faction long back Prasad added. Sai Prasad said that using ‘Valmiki’ name for the commercial subjects and anti-social elements will insult their community sentiments. Valmiki team is yet to respond to this issue.
Coming to details about the project, ‘Valmiki’ is a Telugu remake of Tamil movie ‘Jigarthada’. Varun Tej plays the lead role and the plot revolves around a gangster where he plays in a negative shade. Devi Sri Prasad is composing the music. Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta are going to produce ‘Valmiki’ under their 14 Reels Plus banner.