Vijay’s songs and punch dialogues cure ailing child in Kerala

Reportedly, an ailing child is thriving on Vijay’s songs and punch dialogues.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 05, 2019 19:10 IST
Vijay’s songs and punch dialogues cure ailing child in Kerala

Tamil Cinema’s fandom knows no bounds and it is clearly visible in the way people celebrate their stars. For several decades now, cinema has a great effect on people and for some, it is the source of life, metaphorically and literally. 
Reportedly, a child in Kerala could not speak or walk ever since he was born. His parents took him to several doctors but none of them could offer a solution to cure him. His parents later got him admitted to the Panchakarma facility in Kerala and were ready to witness a miracle. 
At the facility, the observed movements in the boy when actor Vijay’s famous song Selfie Pulla was playing on the television. Later, they found out that whenever Vijay’s films or songs played, the boy springs to life and is attempting to walk and talk. So, they played Vijay’s punch dialogues on a daily basis to cure him. 
Now, the young boy is able to walk and seems to be responding well to the treatment. His parents are very happy with how his child has recovered. Vijay commands a huge fan following especially among children and it is true in this boy’s case.