Vishal's Thupparivaalan 2 shoot to resume in London

Thupparivaalan 2, which marks Vishal's directorial debut, will resume in London in the coming weeks.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: February 24, 2021 17:59 IST
Vishal's Thupparivaalan 2 shoot to resume in London

Vishal's recent release Chakra has been receiving mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike. On the work front, he has Thupparivaalan 2 and Enemy at different stages of production. Enemy's shooting is currently underway with actor Arya, who plays the antogonist in th film. Coming to Thupparivaalan 2, it was initially directed by Mysskin. However, Vishal had a fallout with director Mysskin because of which he decided to take over the film as the director. He also shared a huge statedent to speak about his fallout with Mysskin.

In a recent interview, Vishal spoke about Thupparivaalan 2. He said, "We are waiting for the lockdown to relax in London. We were supposed to shoot in December, but thanks to lockdown. I had to rewrite the script because I had a fallout with my director Actually, my debut direction was supposed to be next year. My script thing was actually a very different scenario... it is about the 7 stray dogs, one cat and a horse. Humans are there but it is about the stray dogs. When I was working with Mysskin, I never expected I would have a fallout with him but every film is my baby, I can't ignore or leave my baby there. So I took it up and decided to direct it. I thought to prove it as a director. So we have done rewriting and waiting for the lockdown to relax in London."