Wants to be remembered as Actor, Singer and Producer says Meghana Raj

By Xappie Desk, April 25, 2019 16:00 IST

Wants to be remembered as Actor, Singer and Producer says Meghana Raj

Actress and Singer Meghana Raj now turns out to be a producer. Meghana Raj never shies away from exploring new things professionally. Many thought that she might end her career after marriage but Meghana proved everyone wrong by starting her first venture after the marriage. She also recently rendered her voice for a song in her husband's film Singha. Meghana now all set to take up new responsibility by producing a children's based film.

This film is titled as Putaani Punters helmed by Pawan. He initially worked in the small screen in the shows Majaa Talkies, now making directorial debut with this movie. Opening ceremony happened today with respect to Putaani Punters. Chiranjeevi Sarja, Dhruva Sarja and Arjun Sarja grace the event and wished for the success of the movie.
Meghana Raj later interacted with the media, said wants to be remembered as Actor, Singer and Producer. Myself taking up Producer responsibility was an instant one. In actual, I never thought of producing a movie, my mother who wants me to explore this area. I thought after acting and singing, producing a movie will be my subsequent step in my career. I was counting on for new and fresh subject then I came across Pawan's Putaani Punters which is Pakka entertainer.
Meghana was had immense clarity about the subject she wants to produce. In real she did not want to picture this film as some art movie, I insisted this movie to be a commercial entertainer enjoyed by a larger amount of audience. We also came up with a workshop before kick off the movie. This movie is about three shantytown kids who later becomes a means of change.
On the other hand, Meghana Raj to kick start her project from April 26th starring opposite Srujan Lokesh. Switching on between acting and production is one abnormal tour for me, signs off Meghana

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