We never know the role we opted is right or not, I will go by gut feeling - Rashmika Mandanna

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 26, 2019 18:25 IST
We never know the role we opted is right or not, I will go by gut feeling - Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna gorgeous beauty shot too early massive fame with Kirik Party now enjoying her professional life with continuous projects in Telugu and Kannada. As she was busy with Telugu film it's been while she appeared in Kannada film. After a gap, she is again back to Kannada films gearing up for latest release Yajamana. She is playing the love interest of Challenging Star Darshan. She is currently working in Hyderabad and switching herself between sets of Kannada film Pogaru and Telugu film Dear Comrade.
In the latest media interaction, she confesses that now I am able to handle any situation under pressure. You should take decisions while you are under pressure, earlier I was in a confused state not able to understand how to react. But now its different as they say Time teaches you everything, Yes this is absolutely correct in my case. We can never know whether the role we have opted is right or not but I will go by my gut feeling, says Rashmika.
She speaks about her role in Yajamana. Its been quite a learning experience for me. The role of mine in Yajamana is an educated girl who knows is independent and strong in her terms. She also knows when to stand for others and for herself. Very subtle in nature. I really learned how to be more patient, due credits to this film.
I will stray from regular commercial movies. Its time I would feature myself in strong heroine-oriented films. Many film-makers approached me with formula based movies but I said them in return my role should be more responsible and weight. I guess Kannada audience will accept me in such heroine oriented strong roles. I am just waiting for the filmmakers to come with such subjects which gives you scope for performance also commercially viable.
When she was asked how do the makers react when you refused to act in the roles they have offered, she replied I know everybody has an ego. If I turn down their offer it hurts them in a way. But if they look out from my point of view they can understand the actuality. I do not want to be anyone's pawn. You have been for yourself, else nobody will. How many years I last in the film industry is secondary, the films I am part of should be memorable. I should not feel any regrets that I have only acted in commercial potboilers.
However, I can't deny the fact that Boxoffice obviously matters. She opines that film's box office success should not be dedicated solely to the hero. Even the female lead puts in equal hard work than anybody else. I also accept the fact heroines will last for a few years, when compared to the past in today's time's heroines are accepted only fewer years. As long as I am in the industry I would more quality based movies not succumb to any conventional method.