Will Vetri Maaran make Vada Chennai 2? The filmmaker answers

Vetri Maaran, in a recent interaction, revealed about the status of Vada Chennai 2.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 14, 2019 23:21 IST
Will Vetri Maaran make Vada Chennai 2? The filmmaker answers

Vada Chennai, directed by Vetri Maaran was originally planned as a trilogy and the filmmaker initially made plans to release all the three in quick succession. However, plans changed as he started making Vada Chennai starring Dhanush.

The gangster film released last year in 2018 and turned out to be one of the best films from Vetri Maaran and Dhanush combo. The film has a cult following across the globe and the audience is eager to watch the second installment of the gripping gangster trilogy from Vetri Maaran.
But, Vetri Maaran has other plans. When asked when Vada Chennai 2 would release, he said, “Vada Chennai 2 needs a big budget. But I hope to make the film soon.” His next film bases on a poem written by veteran lyricist Na Muthukumar, which will star Soori.
In an earlier interview, Vetri Maaran states that it will take at least two years to make Vada Chennai 2 and he is not ready to invest that much time. He also said he will get back to Vada Chennai 2 eventually when he is in the right space.