With a thrilling but weak script, Bard of Blood is all and only about Emraan Hashmi

Bard of blood which is Netflix India's new release starring Emraan Hashmi has an engaging storyline. But it is Emraan Hashmi who steals the show.
With a thrilling but weak script, Bard of Blood is all and only about Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi makes a strong comeback on our small screens with Netflix's Bard of blood. Produced by Shah Rukh Khan, Bard of Blood is yet another story revolving around a spies life. It's the typical India-Pakistan conflict series that has become the base line of almost all Indian shows. Be it Sacred Games or Family Man, the undercover missions have now become an every day routine in the lives of the audience.
It is a new genre for Emraan Hashmi and he tries his best to do justice to the role. Supporting cast has done a good Job, but female characters are have faced injustice. They are helpless characters while the men emerge as heroes. The writers have tried to engage the audience with crypted messages and mysteries but with so many spy dramas on the web, it doesn't stick well with the viewers. Little attention has paid to geographical authenticity and other details. While we see Emraan Hashmi struggle a bit at times to get into this Secret Agent. The cast could have done a better job and so could the writers.
Bard of blood is engaging, but does not bring anything new to the table. It could be our familliarity with the storyline or the fact that Bard of Blood has clashed with Amazon Prime's Family Man. Bard of Blood fails to tune in with audience. The audience has compared both shows, since they have somewhat similar story base. And the people's verdict is that, Amazon's Family Man is a better watch. You can binge on Bard of blood, but you won't miss out on anything if you don't. We hope to see Emraan Hashmi in more such roles, but with a better script.