Yami Gautam recalls a bike accident which left an internal injury in her neck

Yami Gautam talks about an internal injury in her neck which was led by a bike accident in her college days
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: March 02, 2021 12:55 IST
Yami Gautam recalls a bike accident which left an internal injury in her neck

Yami Gautam, who has always given her a hundred per cent in work, has had a neck injury in her college days which still sometimes troubles her. In an earlier post as well, Yami had spilled the beans about the hard work she had to put in to overcome the pain in her neck. "This lockdown, I got to explore something which I couldn’t before! Every time I would try practising Yoga, I would be left more in pain owing to my condition, hence my experience never encouraged me to continue.. but this time, I self-tutored my way through and allowed my body to heal itself inside out and it has worked like never before! This lockdown was not about looking fit’ or ‘ workout of the day’ ... it was the time where I listened and just went with the flow (sic),” she had written in her post.

And now, speaking to a leading daily, Yami reveals in detail about that accident. “ It happened one morning when I was heading to the university in Chandigarh. I was on the highway riding my two-wheeler when the car ahead gave the wrong signal. The driver signalled that she would be going right, but instead, turned left and knocked me down. The car sped away without stopping. It was very quick and too sudden to register what had happened. I am thankful that I was wearing my helmet. I was unable to move and could have been run over by another passing vehicle. However, a man pulled over and helped me get back on my feet," she said.
Yami further added that it was the season of winters and the number of layers on her body prevented her from getting any bruises. However, she got a small fracture in her neck which still prevents her from doing a hardcore workout.