'You are misunderstanding me' Says Renu Desai !

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 28, 2019 15:45 IST
'You are misunderstanding me' Says Renu Desai !

"You are misunderstanding me," Says Renu Desai!
It is known that former actress and Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai became a TV anchor in YS Jagan's Sakshi TV. When speculations came up that YS Jagan himself has brought Renu Desai into the scene, she recently came up to give the clarity.
Renu Desai is currently doing a show related to farmers and their issues. Talking about it, "I am doing this wholeheartedly for the sake of farmers only. There is no political intention or motivation behind this. I just met hundreds of farmers and I am shocked and upset to know about their issues" said Renu Desai and added, "If I can help or change at least one farmer's life, I will be the very happiest person". With this statement, Renu Desai has clarified that there is no political intention behind her becoming an anchor.
On the other hand, it is known that Pawan Kalyan is currently touring Kurnool district. The political arrangements are currently being done.