Zee 5 web series Loser becomes the most-watched show in Telugu

Loser garnered a lot of positive reviews upon release and people who have missed watching it, can now catch the series on Zee 5
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: June 12, 2020 15:51 IST
Zee 5 web series Loser becomes the most-watched show in Telugu

Of late, we have been witnessing a lot of web series in India. After the advent of OTT platforms, there is a huge rise in the number of web series. Even in Telugu, many web shows have come in the past two years. But none of them have made a significant impact. Finally, there is one series that stood out from the rest. It is Loser, directed by Abhilash Reddy. Shashank, Priyadarshi and Kalpika Ganesh played the major roles in this show. Upon its release on Zee 5, Loser gained a unanimous positive response from the audiences. It has now become the most-watched web series in Telugu.

Loser deals with the story of three individuals and their sporting journeys spanning over different time periods. All of them share a similar story but in a different era. The anthology is very well-written and it keeps the audiences engaged throughout. All the lead character have given their best to their respective roles. Director Abhilash Reddy also handled the emotions very well. Due to its heartwarming content, Loser became the most-watched web series in Telugu now. The series got produced by Annapurna Studios. Sharing the news, the twitter handle of Annapurna Studios tweeted, "#Loser is now one of the most viewed Telugu web series! Now available on @Zee5Telugu #AgainstAllOdds."
Baby Annie, Sayaji Shinde and Pavani Gangireddy played the other important roles in the movie.