22nd TANA National Conference 2019

22nd TANA National Conference 2019


Welcome to 22nd Biennial TANA conference to be held from July 04 - July 06, 2019 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington DC. On behalf of the organization and the Conference Committee we invite you to come and grace the festivities, commercial exhibits, social and cultural events and the women, youth and senior citizen focused events.

The power of integration and unity leading to our success as a community is the central idea as represented through our conference theme "Ikyata - Naipunyam and Purogamanam" - standing for Unity, Skill and Progress.

The 22nd TANA Conference is intended to be the actionable showcase of the intellectual, social and cultural confluence of the Telugu people across the Telugu States and North America to show solidarity and commitment to bring our common goals and dreams to fruition.

The online forms for Donor Registration, Regular Registration, Hotel/Accommodation, Commercial Exhibit Stalls and Corporate Sponsorship are open and active. The invitee list and additional details regarding the social, cultural, literary will be provided shortly. Registration forms for participation in DHIM TANA, CURIE TANA and SPORTS ACTIVITIES are also available in the respective sections. Please approach the respective Committee Chair(s) for information specific to a particular scheduled event/activity.

We are striving to provide the best possible experience and would be always available to you should you need any additional information. Thank you an see you soon in Washington DC.

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Thu, Jul 04 2019 - Sat, Jul 06 2019
09:00 am - 23:30 pm
801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001
$75 - $450