Kalbelia Basic Steps (Snake Charmer Dance Class)

Live by Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti
Kalbelia Basic Steps (Snake Charmer Dance Class)

Dress Code

Large spinning skirt, ghungroo


Kalbelia is the Snake Charmer Dance from Rajasthan India! Its snake like movement is beautiful and empowering.
Kalbelia Dance is fun, lively, folkloric, improvisational and non-technical. It is characterized by rhythmic stomps, hip movements and kicks, ever-changing hand movements, spinning, and dancing with partners. It is a dance for fun and celebration. This class will focus on the foot work and hand movement commonly used in Kalbelia dance. Plus basic steps.
Katrina Ji is an exceptionally acclaimed global visiting artist and choreographer work in Rajasthani Folk, Bhangra and Bollywood. She is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti situated in Seattle and Los Angeles, USA
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
I'm too eager to impart my preferred move to you on the web! I simply went through the most recent 5 months living in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India where I was playing out each night at Desert Springs Resort in the Thar Desert.
I've been in amazement of Kalbelia move since 1999 in the wake of seeing the narrative Latcho Drom. The initial scene is in Rajasthan. I visited and performed all through the USA in 2014 with Suva Devi Kalbelia who is popular for her barrel turns in the film. This year, I got the opportunity to meet Talab Khan who was the little fellow singing in the film. He's currently a developed man.
During my 2017 Tour with Rajasthani Caravan, I was granted by both RANA (Rajasthanis of North America) and ARA (American Rajasthani Association) for my work. At that point, in 2018 I turned into an individual from the International Dance Council, CID - UNESCO, the most significant level of move acknowledgment on the planet.
In any case, my time in India was exceptional. I went through my consistently with artists and artists. It was an incredible energizing experience. Dilip Singh recorded a music video with me and Ashraf Khan Harbha.
Before educating and performing Rajasthani move, Katrina was completely drenched in FCBD(R) Style Bellydance since 1999. This specific style of bellydance is established in the moves of the Romany path. That is the thing that enlivened Katrina to burrow further and become familiar with Rajasthani move. She is an affirmed FCBD(R) Style Bellydance Instructor since 2007. Call 206-322-9500 or email for exhibitions, workshops or gathering exercises. Katrina Ji is an individual from the International Dance Council, CID - UNESCO.

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Mon, Apr 13 2020 - Mon, Apr 13 2020
13:00 pm - 18:00 pm
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