55 months of Seva vs 55 years of Satta Bhog: Narendra Modi Attacks Congress

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 08, 2019 12:35 IST
55 months of Seva vs 55 years of Satta Bhog: Narendra Modi Attacks Congress

An aggressive Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday contrasted his 55 months of “Seva” (service) with the 55 years of “Satta Bhog” (hunger for power) displayed by the Congress while replying to the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha.
Highlighting his government’s achievements a couple of months ahead of the general elections, Mr. Modi said that it was the “Arrogance of the Opposition that brought them down from 400 to four” and that “it is the ‘Seva Bhav’ of the ruling party that has brought their number up from two to 282.”
“We are a government that works for the people of India, sensitive to people’s aspirations, honest, transparent, against corruption and for fast pace of development.”
The Prime Minister, coining new acronyms for ‘BC’and ‘AD’ — the two time periods — took a swipe at the Congress, saying the Opposition party had known only two phases — ‘Before Congress’ and ‘After Dynasty’.
“I had to come and do what you [Congress] could not do,’’ he said.
Speaking about corruption, Modi said, during Commonwealth games, on one hand, our athletes were working hard to win medals for the country, while Congress has been accumulating wealth for themselves.
PM also accused the Congress of insulting central institutions during its rule, saying they had called the erstwhile Planning Commission a “bunch of jokers”.
Narendra Modi also highlighted various schemes that were implemented by the NDA government. He said his government successfully undertook work in 55 months that the Congress could not fulfill in 55 years.
It really saddens me to see that the opposition refuses to see India's progress across various sectors, said Modi.