A Congress leader says, Nothing wrong in Pa. Ranjith’s statement

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 15, 2019 15:10 IST
A Congress leader says, Nothing wrong in Pa. Ranjith’s statement

The film director Pa. Ranjith, whose remarks on Chola King Raja Raja have summoned a controversy, set up support in TNCC president K.S. Alagiri, who stated there was no problem whether the director had declared his opinion about the society throughout the time of Raja Raja. “I do not know whether Mr. Ranjith had made personal comments on the Chola King. If he made such comments, they will not be acceptable,” he said.
Mr. Alagiri expressed the society has to be a long time ago was probably to be democratic and there would be discriminations. “A close reading of the epigraphs belonged to the Chola period explains the truth,” he stated. Mr. Alagiri told, however, the period of Cholas, who talented in sea trade, had good knowledge in agriculture and irrigation and temple architecture, could be described as “golden”, one must remember the Leo Tolstoy that status was not applicable to the whole society.
He said “The society in the Chola period had various layers comprising both the rulers and slaves. There were people at the top of the social ladder and people in the lower rung. There is no evidence to prove that it was an egalitarian society. Women from the lower caste were dedicated to temples and there were slaves among women. I will not hold Raja Raja or Cholas responsible for the situation. I think the intention of Mr. Ranjith was not to denigrate Raja Raja.”