Actor Suriya criticizes draft education policy draw flak

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 16, 2019 17:30 IST
Actor Suriya criticizes draft education policy draw flak

Actor Suriya criticizes draft education policy draw flak
Famous Tamil film personality Mr. Suriya Sivakumar has drawn flak form State Information Minister Kadambur Raju and Senior BJP leaders H. Raja and Tamilisai Soundararajan for criticizing certain proposals in the draft National Education Policy.
BJP National Secretary H. Raja accused the actor of inducing the people to 'disturb the peace' against the Draft NEP. The actor said the Draft NEP sought to impose entrance and qualifying examination on students and the three-language formula in Tamil Nadu.
“While speaking about the draft, Suriya has said that ‘if we keep quiet’ NEP will be implemented. Can he speak like that? Doesn’t that mean that he wants to disturb the peace,” he said.
Mr. Raja said that the “when they talk about a third language, it is optional. Where is imposition here? We need to play an important role in saving the people of Tamil Nadu form the groups that are trying to dupe the people,” he said. He also said that “what does Mr. Suriya know about the NEP. I cannot respond to half-backed comments” he said.
Tamilisai Soundararajan said “people who leave no idea about NEP” commenting about it. “Mr. Suriya is talking without any idea. (DMK president) Stalin apparently has formed a committee to look into the Draft NEP. How did he speak about it for so long them,” she said. Suriya fans criticized the BJP comments and AIADMK leader using the hashtag 'SuriyaFCwarnsADMKnBJP.’