Ali’s sensational reply to Pawan Kalyan’s comments !

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 09, 2019 18:56 IST
Ali’s sensational reply to Pawan Kalyan’s comments !

Ali’s sensational reply to Pawan Kalyan’s comments!
Pawan Kalyan’s recent comments on Ali got a reply from the actor turned politician who recently joined YSRCP. Ali made a video saying, he was very disappointed with the Pawan Kayan’s comments. Ali told that Pawan grew in the film industry with the help of his brother Chiranjeevi but he is the one who made his path on his own.
He also reminded that Pawan raised his topic in his home town Rajahmundry but not in any other constituency even he hasn’t made any comments on Jana Sena Party Chief all these days in his election campaigning for YSRCP.
Ali told that Pawan’s place is in his heart but Pawan was supposed to make some false comments that he helped him in difficult times. He asked Pawan whether he has asked for a penny in his entire life and also told that till now he hasn’t begged anyone at any stage of his life.
Ali also asked Pawan Kayan whether he has asked him to give a ticket to his relative and even asked what’s wrong in joining in YSRCP. He reminded that he was the one who wished him good luck the day Pawan started Janasena with dates but now this response from Pawan Kalyan is really intolerable and trenching him to an abyss.