All Prabhas fans… Let's join BJP !

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: July 08, 2019 17:59 IST
All Prabhas fans… Let's join BJP !

All Prabhas fans… Let's join BJP!
As it was already observed by BJP in 2019 elections that the BJP had no impact over the Andhra and Telangana people, BJP had started to strengthen itself in both these states in any way possible. Earlier it was expected that BJP might need support from Southern states in order to gain power once again.
Contrary to this, BJP had won without any support taken from Southern parties. Still, BJP didn't remain calm. It has decided to put its impact over the whole country. For this, it had started to strengthen itself at places where it is weaker. Already it had lured 4 MPs from TDP. And now it looks like it is using popular entities to lure some more. To the BJP membership drive conducted at Ilapuram, Union minister Kishan Reddy and former union minister, Krishnam Raju happened to attend.
Speaking on this occasion, Krishnam Raju happened to say, 'My Fans and the Fans of Prabhas should join BJP and work for the country. My Fans are in all the parties but never did I ask them to join any particular party. But now, I am doing it for strengthening the party and for the sake of the country. BJP offers a wonderful platform for those who begin their journey as Karyakathas too. Kishan Reddy is the best example for it'.