AP DGP’s house demolished in Jubilee Hills by GHMC

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 06, 2019 15:13 IST
AP DGP’s house demolished in Jubilee Hills by GHMC

AP DGP’s house demolished in Jubilee Hills by GHMC
Just a few days after the police team from Andhra Pradesh interrogated T. Lokeswara Reddy, the State’s DGP was given a shock by GHMC which demolished a portion of R.P. Thakur’s house in Jubilee Hills.
Amidst the storms set by the data theft case between Telugu states, the respective police departments are all alert not to leave a single chance to bug the other state. The GHMC which claimed that AP DGP R.P. Thakur has encroached upon a Park in Prashasan Nagar demolished that portion of the house. As GHMC personnel supervised, the staff employed by Mr. Thakur’s family demolished the compound wall.   
On the other hand, the Telangana High Court which took up the case for hearing has warned the GHMC for being insensitive in taking up demolition with just 24-hour notice. 1-week time should be given to the respondent in accord to the Supreme Court upon which GHMC was questioned of why they are so insensitive.
However, DGP R.P. Thakur has secured a status quo order from the High Court, which was ignored by the GHMC who went ahead and demolished the portion. The High Court also accused the corporation to turn a blind eye towards the illegal constructions in the city.
This is not the first case that GHMC is been insensitive, they have demolished film actor Prabhas' farmhouse without giving necessary notices, for which his counsel had approached the High Court.