Assamese guy invents bamboo bottles for everyday use

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: August 10, 2019 18:29 IST
Assamese guy invents bamboo bottles for everyday use

Assamese guy invents bamboo bottles for everyday use
It is really very important to stop the use of plastic if we want to save our earth. A man from Assam found a way to help earth. The name of that person is “Dhritiman Bora” who has invented leak free bamboo water bottles.
Dhritiman Bora was a former IIT student and now an Assam entrepreneur. These biologically degradable bottles of water are totally leak-proof. These bottles are simple to perform as the bottles ' mouths are made of cork that does not allow water to spill.
If you are worried about these airtight water bottles ' hygiene quotient, they will be handled widely during the manufacturing phase to render them bacteria-free. These bamboo bottles are therefore totally secure to store water in.
Another plus point of these bottles, apart from not harming the environment, is that, unlike plastic water bottles, these bottles maintain your water cool during the scorching summers. More importantly, their maintenance is precisely the same as the bottles we already use.
You have to simply wash the interiors with a brush once every two weeks and keep them dry when not in use are the only two things to remember. These biodegradable bottles of water in your pocket would not even drill a hole.
These bottles are also available at affordable price in the marker. It is little bit expensive from other plastic bottles but it better that those plastic bottles. The bottle's prices differ from Rs 450- Rs 700.