BJP mark of politics started in Telangana

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: August 11, 2019 17:08 IST
BJP mark of politics started in Telangana

BJP mark of politics started in Telangana
May be TRS has won in the assembly elections with an unbeatable majority last year but the Look Sabha polls came out as shock for them. With the chants of hierarchy ruling being audible from behind, they are facing the largest and the most powerful party in the country.
On the other side, BJP has already begun their operation in Telangana as Congress failed cheaply. With four MP seats in their kitty, they are now aiming at the Northern Telangana. The joining by senior Congress man and powerful Dalit leader G Vivek is adding strength to the party. Vivek represented Peddapally LS seat and has lot of influence n the area.
With this the political scenario in he Mancherial district is also changing quite rapidly. Several leaders are making a beeline to the BJP’s quarters which included the ones who are betrayed by TRS and dissatisfied with their governance. Several of Vivek's supporters in Bellampally and Chennuru segments are all set to join the BJP.
By the sources, it is being told that Vivek wold emerge as the strong leader in this area with his popularity and his ability to bring in more efficient leaders into the saffron party. Unless TRS stop being hazy dazy, the situation will be out of their hands in no time.
Can the 'Car' crush the 'Lotus' in their way before they get multipled into a garden ? Time will definitely tell us.