BJP president Amit Shah attends press conference at BJP HQ

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: May 17, 2019 18:16 IST
BJP president Amit Shah attends press conference at BJP HQ

Today is the end of a long and successful campaign for the BJP, says Amit Shah

Since Independence, these elections have been the biggest for the BJP. We will come back with a much bigger majority.

BJP has been an organization-based party since the time of Jana Sangh and since the formation of the BJP party organization has been a major part of all our work.
Our government has enhanced the respect of the country. Modi government has established India as a world power.
This is the first election where there was no issue of inflation and corruption. After a long time, the people of the country have seen such an election in which these issues are missing.
Every section of the country — poor, peasant, women, village, city — has been reached by our government with 133 schemes.
We have achieved success in almost all the elections. We had six State governments in 2014, we have governments in 16 States today.
We have raised the level of life of 5 crores poor. By giving them basic amenities, they have realized that they have a stake in the development of the country.
In a surprise move, Mr. Modi showed up on the dais for a scheduled press conference by BJP president Amit Shah, who gave a detailed report card of the campaigning as well as the performance of the NDA government.