BJP speak to CEO over 'sabotage' of BJP rallies

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: May 14, 2019 16:33 IST
BJP speak to CEO over 'sabotage' of BJP rallies

Few BJP leaders approached the Election Commission (EC) on Monday, asking for strong action against the District Magistrate of south 24 Paragans for obstructing their party’s rallies and also alleges on the CEO office of Trinamool.
Sunil V. Deodhar accused DM Ratnagar of obstructing the BJP meeting and “Working as an agent of Trinamool Congress”.
Deodhar stated to media that, “It is common that political leaders will come, address the public and return for which everyone seeks permission from the commission. The way they cancelled BJP president Amit Shah’s rally, has caused confusion among the people. State administration of Bengal has sabotaged our party’s meetings”.
He told that they have demanded Rao’s removal. And also except Amit Shah’s rally, they denied permission for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s rally and as well as Smriti Irani’s meeting was cancelled the at the last moment.
Deodhar stated, “Is this any kind joke? This way Mamata Banerjee is running Bengal’s name across the country ant this is not the state’s culture”
"We all have strongly demanded an inquiry of the role played by District Electoral Officer of South 24 Parganas. He is not giving permissions for our rallies," Roy said.
"Chief Minister moves around with a convoy of 26 vehicles and there is cash in all of them. Even Abhishek Banerjee moves in a convoy of 16 vehicles, each carrying cash that is later distributed," Roy said.
"If the Chief Minister can speak of searching the Prime Minister's car, why should she be spared? The CEO office has turned into a Trinamool office," Roy said.