Brain fade or Politics? Andhra Cricket Association makes controversial statement

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 09, 2019 18:48 IST
Brain fade or Politics? Andhra Cricket Association makes controversial statement

Since 1953, the year which Andhra Cricket Association was founded, we count the number of players that made their way into the national side from our state by fingers. With such condition prevailing in the association, there are reports of some politics being made by the management and here is one fine example of their unacceptable behavior.

Recently, Hanuma Vihari scored a century against the West Indies which is first. Every one hailed his performance including ACA but in an unpleasant manner. They called him as the third player from Andhra Pradesh to represent the nation. Is that true, the first prominent player was Venkat Pati Raju, a renown spin bowler followed by Ambati Rayudu and then comes Venu Gopal Rao who is well much aware for Indian cricket fans for his good batting skills.
How can they forget the player who made into the national team when the Andhra Cricket is paving way for the graveyard. The ACA being led by Rangaraju and his father who have no experience in cricket and not even know about the basic principles of the sport whatsoever. How one can they manage the players and extract the best out of them with such inefficient persons in the board?
The same thing happened in Ambati Rayudu’s retirement where no support was extended by ACA during his emotional period after World Cup row. Rayudu emerged as a star on his own without relying on the board. MSK Prasad who barely played cricket for national team decided the fate of Rayudu who is the potential player at No.4. He judged his capability in two series leaving behind all the runs he scored and the kind of form he has shown earlier.
The same happened with Venu Gopal who hasn’t given ample chances to prove his worth though he made his journey to the national team. Is it Brain Fade or Intentional? We are leaving this to you people.