BS Yeddyurappa states terror attack in Balakot will aid BJP to win 22 LS seats

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 28, 2019 15:20 IST
BS Yeddyurappa states terror attack in Balakot will aid BJP to win 22 LS seats

Karnataka BJP head BS Yeddyurappa comments on recent terror attack which took place in Balakot pushes him big controversy. India took much need non-military action against JEM Terror camp in Pakistan. Yeddyurappa stated this particular attack will aid BJP to win 22 Lok Sabha seats in the state. This movie boosts BJP chances much more and already created the greatest buzz.
He adds “The atmosphere….day by day the wind is increasingly blowing in favour of BJP. Yesterday’s action of destroying terror hideouts by entering inside Pakistan has resulted in a pro-Modi wave in the country, the results of which can be seen in coming Lok Sabha polls,”. This attack motivated youth and created more chances for BJP also made BJP stronger than ever.
At present in Karnataka, the BJP currently holds 16 Lok Sabha seats, Congress 10 and JD(S) 2 seats. Alliance of Congress-JD(S) decided to contest in Lok Sabha Polls together, JD(S) is demanding about 12 seats but Congress opined that seat sharing will be purely based on the worthiness.
Official statement from MEA secretary Vijay Gokhale said, “Credible intelligence was received that JeM was attempting another suicide terror attack in various parts of the country, and the fidayeen jihadis were being trained for this purpose. In the face of imminent danger, a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary.”