Chandra Babu Naidu was bitten by the law made by him

Chandra Babu has created the APCRDA by enacting the law in Assembly, however APCRDA has served a notice to him using the laws created by CBN himself
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 23, 2019 14:27 IST
Chandra Babu Naidu was bitten by the law made by him

It is well known that CBN's current stay has to be vacated according to the notices served by the CRDA. However, there is something more interesting most of the public didn't come across. AP Capital Region Development Authority, which was created by Naidu himself in 2014 by enacting legislation in the state assembly in the name of APCRDA Act served the notice.

Jagan and his party legislators who were in opposition then also supported this at that time. It was Naidu, who incorporated the sections 115 (1) and 115 (2) of the Act, under which the APCRDA issued notices. His own incorporated sections have been imposed over him to vacate him from his rented house.
As the said construction was done without any prior permission from the competent authority, the construction of ground floor and first floor along with swimming pool and ground floor dressing room, etc. of the building are illegal, as per the nine-page notice served on Naidu’s residence by the APCRDA.
To ensure that the receiver of the notice will have no chance to approach the court or challenge the orders, the officials were very cautious and selective in their language. The ownership of the property wasn’t questioned, but the legality of the permanent structures which are in violation of the river conservation laws of the land was questioned.