Chandrababu rejects Lokesh’s choice of MLAs

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: March 21, 2019 19:35 IST
Chandrababu rejects Lokesh’s choice of MLAs

Chandrababu rejects Lokesh’s choice of MLAs
A politician is said to be a true leader when he fights back with the nepotism which is quite common in our country. Here comes one such instance when AP CM Chandrababu Naidu didn’t favor his son’s decision with the MLA candidate from Kurnool.
Chandrababu Naidu gave this shock to his son Nara Lokesh, by rejecting the party tickets to Butta Renuka and SV Mohan Reddy who are well prepared to contest from Kurnool. During a visit to Kurnool in 2018, Nara Lokesh happened to promised SV Mohan Reddy and Butta Renuka with MLA and MP ticket respectively from Kurnool. He also made the announcement on the same seeking the people to vote and give a majority win to both the candidates.
However, this didn’t taste well with the party cadre who opposed his announcement which was made without the consent of the leadership. Lokesh faced severe criticism for making statements publicly. On the other hand, political analysts thought that Naidu will consider Lokesh’s opinion, but faced a plain rejection which has sent a default message to political circles that Naidu is the prime decision maker in the party.
Butta Renuka who dreamt the ticket has anyhow re-joined YSR joined and has announced that she would fight to defeat TDP which humiliated her. SV Mohan Reddy too admitted the same that he has been cheated. 

Is this a good omen that Chandrababu is clear about the candidates who would work for the welfare of the people irrespective of the opinions and support from his own son?