Chennai IT companies ‘informally’ ask employees to work from home

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 18, 2019 14:53 IST
Chennai IT companies ‘informally’ ask employees to work from home

The IT secretary of Tamil Nadu is Santhosh Babu, convened a meeting of IT companies. He has guaranteed them will all help needed to beat the water crisis.
“There is an issue and it could become critical if there is no rain in the coming weeks. Hence, we called the meeting and have assured them of all help from the government. However, IT companies have denied having asked employees to work from home.” Babu said to the media.
“We will not leave IT companies and others in the lurch. We are coordinating with Metro water to see possible ways of helping them. For instance, Metro water has ‘grey water’ which can be supplied to the companies for flushing purposes,” he said.
The two independent sources are declared to media, who from home have been exercised by some companies on OMR. “One IT major near Siruseri has informed employees to implement the ‘work from home’ option as per their convenience. Nothing has been communicated officially. It is informal”, an IT major stated.
Vasumathi R, President of Forum for IT/ITES Employees stated, “It was informal. In fact, start-ups on OMR are the worst hit.”
The industry source said, “This is a natural disaster. As there is a phenomenal demand to form residents, the pressure is on IT companies. It is forcing them to take a free look at their water management policy, including the use of recycled water and judicious use of available water,”
“There is a problem and we are trying to reduce water consumption. Wherever sewage treatment plants are available, recycled water is made available for use. For others, it is a big challenge,” said managing director of Olympia Tech park Ajit Chordia.
C Velan said “While treatment plants have come in handy, we are working together with companies and their employees on an optimal consumption approach and cautiously reducing water usage and its wastage. We are sourcing only that much of water that is required and nothing more.”
T Raghunandana is the managing director of the UDS company said that “While tanker companies end up servicing only the larger firms considering the large value of the contract, the smaller companies fend for themselves. The cost of water has gone up by uppity to 40%” he said.