CM Palaniswami says ready for special Assembly session on NEET

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 18, 2019 16:36 IST
CM Palaniswami says ready for special Assembly session on NEET

CM Palaniswami says ready for special Assembly session on NEET
CM Palaniswami said in Assembly meeting if the Centre does not respond to the Tamil Nadu government’s plea for clarification on the reason for the President’s decision to refuse the Bills seeking exemption from NEET for the State.
Opposition leader MK Stalin urged the State government to take another resolution seeking exemption from NEET and send it to the Centre, the CM said there is no resolution without knowing the issues if the Centre decides to reject such a resolution again.
“A solution could be found only if we find out the reasons behind the rejections and make appropriate amendments to the resolution to be adopted in the House,” he said. Stalin said “it was rejected on September 22, 2017, and the message has been sent within six months, but the State government has not done anything for the last 21 months. I openly allege that you had failed to use the powers of the Assembly that reflects the sentiments of 7.5 crore people,” he said.
Law Minister C.Ve. Shanmugam said the State government had sent 12 reminders to the Centre, requesting to now the issues on the rejection of the Bills. He said “Legislature could pass the Bills again the with or without any amendments and present them again to the President for consideration,” the Centre had nor responded till now he said.
Stalin claimed the CM had failed to resolution on the subject despite having met PM Modi many times, Mr CM said he had indeed Brough the issue to the notice of PM, and the memorandum gave to him had also included the issue of exemption from NEET.
“We have been telling the PM that NEET should not be conducted in Tamil Nadu since it has affected the poor and students from rural areas. The press release issued to the media clearly conveyed the issue,” he said. Mr Shanumugam said the senior counsels were appearing in the case on behalf of the State, and the T.N. government will approach the court for relief after sending on more reminder to the Centre.