Cricket to be included in 2028 Olympics?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 13, 2019 14:22 IST
Cricket to be included in 2028 Olympics?

Cricket to be included in the 2028 Olympics?

The second most popular sport in the world next to Soccer with more than 2.5 billion fans in the world, Cricket hasn’t had a place in the biggest sport’s event, Olympics yet. And now, Cricket is in line to return to the Olympics during the 2028 Los Angeles games a few months after it was announced that cricket will make its return to Asian games in 2022 in Hangzhou after dropped from the 2018 Asian games.
Cricket could be part of 2028 Los Angeles Olympics as ICC is working towards getting the sport included in the roster, MCC World Cricket Committee Chairman Mike Gatting said. "It's two weeks...that's a good thing about it, it's not a it's one of those [events] where scheduling for two weeks should be fine once every four years," he added.
Women’s T20 Cricket is likely to be included at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, having supported this in the last meeting of MCC World Cricket Committee in March. Cricket’s inclusion was approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation executive in June and the result of the vote by the 71 member associations.
"There is still much to be done if cricket is to be included in the Olympics, with Los Angeles 2028 the earliest likely opportunity and the ICC continuing to work internally to align cricket to pursue the sport’s Olympic ambitions," said MCC