Cricketer Natarajan says no to biopics

After a successful tour in Australia, many filmmakers approached cricketer Natarajan to make a biopic
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: February 04, 2021 10:18 IST
Cricketer Natarajan says no to biopics

Natarajan Thangarasu is the pride of Tamil Nadu and India. He proved his mettle as a great bowler in the recently concluded Indian Premier League. It was due to his exceptional performance that he got selected as a net bowler for India's tour against Australia. Circumstances were in Natarajan's favour and he made his ODI, T20 and Test debut in Australia and yet again proved himself. His story of hailing from a small village called Chinnappampatti to playing for Indian cricket team is nothing short of a spectacle.

Many filmmakers saw his life as a perfect story for a biopic. In the past, Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni had agreed on a biopic made on his life. Likewise, several filmmakers saw potential in Natarajan's life and approached him to seek rights to do a biopic. However, Natarajan refused to sign any offers and said that he has just made his debut. He further added that he wants to concentrate on his cricketing career and not on films. Natarajan is currently on paternity leave as he recently became a father to a pretty baby girl.