Disease prevention base for State’s public health policy

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 06, 2019 00:14 IST
Disease prevention base for State’s public health policy

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday said the accent of the State government's public health policy was on disease prevention and not curative medicine.
Inaugurating the second phase of the year-long State-level campaign Aarogyajagratha, a coordinated action plan to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases, Mr. Vijayan said the government faced several challenges in the public health sector since it came to power and claimed to have successfully resolved all of them.
The Health Department has drawn on its immense experience in preventing outbreaks such as Nipah to calibrate its new pre-emptive approach. Mr. Vijayan lauded the Health Department for successfully preventing the outbreak of infectious diseases in the wake of the monsoon floods that inundated large swathes of land and dense population centres in August last.
The State’s experience had proved that effective monitoring and reporting of outbreaks and timely control measures could halt the spread of all infectious diseases.
Mr. Vijayan said public health authorities had successfully controlled leptospirosis outbreak after the floodwaters receded by persuading the flood-affected masses to take doxycycline medication to insulate themselves from contracting leptospirosis.
He emphasised that such coordinated efforts on the field, by Health and related departments, in vector control, sanitation, environmental cleanliness, proper garbage disposal and ensuring safe drinking water to the public are necessary to prevent disease outbreaks.
The Health Department, through these strategies, had effectively checked disease outbreaks last year in the Sate and this momentum had to be sustained this year too, he added.