DMK to restructure party, assess the performance of MLAs

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 13, 2019 17:31 IST
DMK to restructure party, assess the performance of MLAs

DMK to restructure party, assess the performance of MLAs
Assembly elections are scheduled for the summer of 2021 and only two by-elections in the middle. The DMK party is preparing to streamline its home. This is an action plan to redefine his goals and rebuild the party.
While the priority is given to evaluating the performance of its 100-odd MLAs. The move follows the findings of senior party leaders during the campaign in Vellore Lok Sabha constituency.
The DMK leader said, “Even though we are not the ruling party, some of our MLAs in Vellore Lok Sabha constituency faced anti-incumbency. We decided to assess the level of anti-incumbency against our party MLAs also.”
A leader said, “In the coming months, we will be appointing a private firm to do this giving weightage under several categories. This will give us a picture of the performance of the party MLAs.”
The leader said, “We are short by only 18 MLAs to be the ruling party. But in the 2021 assembly elections, apart from winning all the present constituencies, we must also think of winning more seats. Thus, unless we take a look into the performance of the present MLAs, victory will not be possible.”
Meanwhile, the party MP said, “In 2017 after meeting all district secretaries and middle and lower-level party cadres from the districts, a committee was set up to change the party hierarchy as well as the nomenclature of the party posts. The committee has presented its report recommending changes.”