Drone cameras around Chandrababu Naidu's House Sparks Political Row

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 17, 2019 17:18 IST
Drone cameras around Chandrababu Naidu's House Sparks Political Row

The use of drone cameras around TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu's Amravati house has created a political uproar. While the state government clarified that the drones were activated to monitor the region's flood condition, the TDP indicted the governing YSR Congress Party of monitoring the house of the former chief minister.

The employees of the Telegu Desam Party staged protests at the home of Mr Naidu on Friday, saying two individuals were captured using drone cameras around the home. In a tweet, Nara Lokesh, son of Mr Naidu, asked who gave authorization to use drone cameras to record a politician's home covered by ' Z plus ' safety.
Aerial photographs and a clip of Mr Naidu's residence on the river bank Krishna at Undavalli were commonly published on social media two days ago, with reports indicating that the house was threatened with flooding.
Lingamaneni Ramesh owns this home and since 2016 Mr Naidu has already been living in this leased building.
The chief of the TDP told the chief of police to make all the information about those caught working drones public. The Department of Water Resources has made it clear that the drones were used to capture visuals to evaluate the flood condition.
Minister of Irrigation of Andhra Pradesh, Anil Kumar said the state had every right to control flooded regions aerially. He said that they were monitoring every sensitive district, not just in that region, so it occurs that Mr Naidu's residence was in the flood zone.