Election Commission has banned Sumalatha and Nikhil's films on DD

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 20, 2019 14:40 IST
Election Commission has banned Sumalatha and Nikhil's films on DD

As Sumalatha, an independent candidate and Nikhil Kumaraswamy, son of Chief Minister Kumaraswamy are set to require on one another in Mandya throughout the LS polls, the election commission has banned screening of films leading them on Doordarshan until voting is over. The order was issued by Deputy Commissioner and official of Mandya parliamentary seat N Manjushree.
However, the ban keeps private TV channels and theatres out of its jurisdiction. Sumalatha and Nikhil are actors. whereas Sumalatha has acted in many Kannada, Tamil and Telugu movies, Nikhil has 2 recent films jaguar and Seetharama Kalyana to his credit. All the equations between Sumalatha, the Congress and also the JDS has created Mandya polls a requirement watch!.
Sumalatha, wife of actor-turned-politician and three-time Mandya MP MH Ambareesh set to plunge into politics just a few weeks once Ambareesh's death. However, the Congress party that Ambareesh remained loyal to set to keep up the distance from Sumalatha and also the JDS got Mandya within the seat sharing agreement.
Considering the favorable atmosphere, the JDS set to launch Nikhil Kumaraswamy, the third generation of the Deve Gowda family. However, several feel that it's neck to neck fight.
Sumalatha, who has set to fight as an independent candidate has a strong bond with the individuals of Mandya, because of the nice will of her husband. She has additionally garnered support from a piece of sandalwood colleagues.
Superstars Darshan and Yash have openly are available in support of Sumalatha despite some JDS activists warning them against it. Meanwhile, Nikhil has a political lineage and additionally the film background on his side. Mandya is going to be voting on April 18 in the second phase of polling for the Lok Sabha elections.