Exclusive: Why CBN doesn’t vacate Undavalli residence even after his term?

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: July 02, 2019 12:17 IST
Exclusive: Why CBN doesn’t vacate Undavalli residence even after his term?

AP government did not provide CBN with any official accommodation even when he was the CM. So he rented out the Undavalli Bungalow the rental expenses of which, I was told, were borne by the state until recently.

The palatial Undavalli Bungalow is just a private property which does not belong to the government. So it is not a government quarter for the state to have any say. Moreover, at present, he pays the private owner for his accommodation there, out of his own pocket. True, there is a ‘green controversy’ going on about the Undavalli Bungalow.
But then, there are 43 other posh structures too in the high-security zone of Undavalli, which are controversial for similar reasons. Having been on the hit list of various terrorists and provided with ‘Z’-category security, it will not be a safe bet for CBN to move elsewhere from the Undavalli area in the capital. Also, he is an opposition leader with cabinet rank. So it will not be fair to evict him from the area on whatever ground unless the government demolishes the whole building as an illegal construction along the river bed.
CBN made some mistakes to give Jagan opportunity to nail him. He should have constructed at least some temporary bungalows in Undavalli for the CM-incumbent but he constructed a big house for himself at Hyderabad, but not at Amaravati, right when he was the CM. A least inspiring act for a bifurcated state and its people. Ever since his dedication to Amaravati came under suspicion. This is in stark contrast to Jagan, Pawan and the leaders of other parties who built their permanent houses at Amaravati.