Former CM Siddaramaiah urges Declare floods a ‘National Calamity’

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 12, 2019 17:20 IST
Former CM Siddaramaiah urges Declare floods a ‘National Calamity’

Former CM Siddaramaiah urges Declare floods a ‘national calamity’
Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah had urged the Centre, for the flood situation in Karnataka state. While he said, the Union government immediately would release the Rs 5,000 crore to take up relief works.
He also sought the Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa to expand his Cabinet immediately to help him in post-flood management. Siddaramaiah said, “The State has never witnessed floods of this magnitude. As much as 50% of the State is underwater and an estimated Rs 1 lakh crore worst of public and private property has been damaged.”
The former CM Siddaramaiah said “The Centre should immediately release Rs 5,000 crore to undertake relief work. Whatever has been released till now is not at all-sufficient. We (State) are not beggars to ask the Centre for compensation and the Centre is not doing us any charity.”
“What Karnataka has received from the Centre towards flood relief is meagre when compared to the compensation that has been announced to the other States. A step-motherly attitude towards Karnataka is not right, especially when the State is going through a crisis.”