Former Mayor of Mangalore K Ashraf is among injured by Police firing

K Ashraf, former Mayor of Mangalore, was among those injured by police firing on Thursday.
Written By Jayaditya Vittal | Updated: December 21, 2019 11:22 IST
Former Mayor of Mangalore K Ashraf is among injured by Police firing

Mr. K. Ashraf, a former mayor of Mangalore City, got injured in the police violence on Thursday. Ashraf was Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation in 2005. He had affiliated with the Janata Dal (Secular) party. 
The police claim that Ashraf got injured by the anti-CAA protesters themselves. They allege that the protesters turned violent and began throwing stones at the State forces. However, this version of events is widely disputed. Many supporters of Ashraf claim that his injuries were due to the police firing into the crowd. The online consensus in the state seems to be in favor of the latter, especially after videos emerged of the police storming Highlands Hospital. Reports have emerged suggesting that they even barged into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) there. 
Ironically, Ashraf was trying to calm the crowd which had gathered outside Highlands Hospital. He took a hit when the protests turned violent. Some sources suggest that he took a bullet to the shoulder; however, this has not been satisfactorily verified. Although initially administered first aid at Highlands itself, he was later shifted to a safer location in the city. His condition had said to be stable, and he is recovering.
An uneasy calm prevails in the coastal city following the police clampdown. Internet connectivity is still restricted and curfew remains imposed. The Karnataka government has blamed the lone Congress MLA from there for the unrest. While peace currently reigns, many feel it will not last.