Gedela demands written apology from JanaSena

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 18, 2019 12:26 IST
Gedela demands written apology from JanaSena

Gedela demands written apology from Jana Sena
Dr Gedela Srinubabu who has joined YSRCP ignoring the Lok Sabha ticket offered by Jana Sena however faced humiliation from the former. YS Jagan is said to be offering him MLA or MP ticket but didn’t favour Gedela with any. On this note, Gedela rolled up his sleeves and has started blaming Janasena for the disaster in his life.
After the news that Gedela was rejected got spread, he apparently has sent a WhatsApp message to media head of Janasena party which explained the reasons behind Gedela’s decision to join YSRCP. The message read that Pawan Kalyan has texted Gedela on March 16th asking him to stand aside from the race for Loksabha MP ticket. After which Gedela went to meet YS Jagan along with his uncle upon which Jagan welcomed him into YSRCP.
YSRCP welcomed Gedela he a Stanford return and was in a notion that pulling him out of Jana Sena would bring a sort of crisis to the party. But none of these has helped both party and Gedela.
Gedela, however, accused Janasena media team of deliberately destroying his career by circulating fake news in the media. “This acts by JanaSena will also destroy the careers of about 6000 employees working under my company. I demand Janasena apologise immediately in a written format and release it the media,” he added. Is Gedala blackmailing JanaSena party?
Gedela was recently evicted from the party for his economic crimes. These political stunts by the leaders for their own benefits will not be tolerated by both parties and citizen.